Estimated costs

Bikinis (pieces are sold separately) US$ 17,50 – US$ 19,50

OnePiece Swimsuit
US$ 32,00 – US$ 53,50

Prices with FOB shipping

Blih!’s Target

Though Blih’s objective is to bring beach fashion to all women, their main target is concentrated in the following demographics:

Age: 18-25

Sex: female

Main localization in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

Out of Brazil: United States, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Israel.

Competitive Advantages

Price (company works with the best fashion resources/machines and has a very accessible price, compared to other brands of the same level).

Own production/factory (which makes processes quicker and easier).

New “mini-colections” every two months.

Beachwear with UV protection, from Brazil’s best textile companies, such as Santa Constancia, Rosset and many others.

Exceptional client service (our main priority).


Blih!’s main objective is to see the brand being used by all women, no matter what their physical features or preferences. We are extra careful with making our looks the most comfortable and easy to wear possible. And most importantly, we love to show that sexy and elegant can perfectly be together at the same fashion wear, with good price and personality.

The brand believes that a bikini needs to go much further then a cute design. Therefore, we offer something that women can truly relax and enjoy themselves while wearing.

What is “Blih!”?

Blih!” means the war cry of the Maori tribe of New Zealand, when they want to send their enemies away.

And this concept works perfectly with our own “cry”: the war “cry” of all women that wants to wear beachwear clothes with an unique and fun style, without being scared or insecure.

Logotipo_Blih_Negativo_Horizontal-1 Business and wholesale

How was “BLIH!” born?

The brand was created in September 2015, by the partners Debora Dyskant and Felipe Guendler.

Felipe has always worked with the textile industry, and is responsible for all of the production and logistics of the company. Debora (with a MBA in Berkeley University), takes care of all marketing and sales actions.

The passion for beachwear has always been something in common between both of them, and therefore, both decided to create a “Carioca” brand with an extra something…!

The partners have their own factory (Rio de Janeiro) and most sales are done through ecommerce (, their store in Ipanema (Fórum de Ipanema Gallery), fashion events, pop stores, etc.

New Partners at Ipanema store

In July 2018, Blih! opened their doors in  Ipanema for the sunglass brand ”Vanilla Eyewear” and the silver/semi-precious stones brand ”Soul Rio Joias”.

The combination resulted in a more complete and diverse ”Carioca” store.

The campaign was done in order to promote this great news!

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